Super Clasico Summer Edition Rules

Rules of play:   Age Groups will be 2019/2020, PLEASE SEE HERE FOR UPDATED AGE GROUP INFORMATION. FIFA rules will apply unless noted below. It is the understanding of this tournament committee that all teams, including all players, coaches, spectators, and officials, will participate in the spirit of FAIR PLAY and will conduct themselves in accordance with the Tournament Rules.

PER USSF MANDATES, NO INTENTIONAL HEADING OF THE BALL in U9-U11 WILL BE ALLOWED.   An indirect kick will be awarded against for the opposing team.  U12s will be allowed to head the ball

**Please direct any questions about this to US Soccer, not to the tournament.**

CHECK IN DEADLINE:  All teams must be check in by 5:00 pm on FRIDAY, August 9.  Teams not meeting this deadline may forfeit their first match

Tournament Format:  All teams will be guaranteed 3 matches, semi final and final matches will be played.

Deadline to Withdraw:  Deadline to with draw from the tournament with a full refund is July 1.  Any team with drawing after this date will forfeit their entry fee

Forfeited Matches:  Any team that does not fulfill their commitment to play all tournament matches will be banned for 2 years for future tournament and club placed on probation

PLAYING ON MULTIPLE TEAMS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED:  Players may only play and be on one roster at the tournament, this includes different age groups, different brackets regardless of the players affiliation with the club

Protests:   Protests are only allowed regarding paperwork issues.  The decision of the Referee, Field Marshall, and the Tournament Director shall be final. All games will be considered final. Disputes will be handled by the tournament committee and tournament director. Referee decisions may NOT be disputed.

Credentials: Laminated US Club player ID cards will be required. {all cards MUST be valid and not expired}. All teams must provide a team roster. The tournament does accept all USSF affiliated credentials, you may mix passes from different affiliations.

Medical Release:  All players must have signed US Club/USYSA medical release forms at team check in and throughout the tournament.

Players Age Group: Teams will play in their 2019/2020 Age Groups

Age        Birth Year

U9          2011

U10        2010

U11         2009

U12         2008

Roster Size: Teams may register a maximum of 18 players for the U9 and U11 and U12 age groups with a maximum of 18 players suited up per game; A team may use an UNLIMITED amount of “LOAN” or “GUEST” players but any team utilizing loan or guest players is still limited to the stated maximum roster size of 18.  PLAYERS MAY ONLY PLAY FOR ONE TEAM DURING THE TOURNAMENT, REGARDLESS OF AGE GROUP, DIVISION, GENDER, POSITION OR CLUB AFFILIATION.  REPEAT, PLAYERS MAY ONLY PLAY FOR ONE TEAM DURING THE TOURNAMENT

Loan Players (Guest Players): UNLIMITED amount of loan or guest players may be used, proper paperwork must be included

Player’s Credentials and Equipment: The referee has the final determination as to the safety of each player’s equipment. All players are required to use shin guards. No rings, chains, watches, metal objects, jewelry, or headbands may be worn. Soft cast are permitted with the permission of the referee. Hard casts are not allowed.

Player picture identification cards are to be present and available at all matches.

Identification cards are required to be checked by the referee prior to each match

The shirt number of each player must be the same as the player’s shirt number on the game card or roster.

Home Team: Home Team will be listed first on the scoreboard and in the program. The home team is responsible for game balls (if tournament balls are not available)

Away Team: Will be required to change uniforms if there is a conflict (note: different than most tournaments). The “away” team is listed second on the schedule

Team Check- In & Registration:  Teams must register at the Mandatory check-in & registration. Mandatory Registration is done online.  REGISTRATION INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE HERE. Failure to check-in may result in disqualification from the tournament without a refund of the fee. At the discretion of the tournament, the disqualified team may be allowed to compete as a “Guest team.” Games not played will be classified as “Forfeits and Byes.” Forfeits will be scored as 3-0.

Requirements for Check-In & Registration:  At the Mandatory Registration, teams must provide the required credentials. All US teams must provide valid laminated Player ID Cards with photographs, signed medical Release forms.  Travel Papers for US Club teams are not required. Proper Player Loan Forms will be required at Registration along with other required credentials, as required by US Club soccer.  All USSF and State Association passes are accepted

Teams From the United States: The players must present picture identification cards issued by the teams Federation Organization Member (US Club/CYSA/USSF).  Teams must provide proof of approval of the team’s participation from the teams Federation Organization Member.

Conduct:  All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes and team officials. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team) is permitted provided:

No mechanical devices are used;

Each coach or substitute remains within 10 yards of either side of the halfway line

No coach, player or substitute  makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes or spectators;

No coach, player or substitute  uses profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior.

Any parental behavior on the sideline such as profanity, coaching, fighting or other behavior that is not sportsmanlike is not accepted. Teams can be removed from the tournament per the Tournament Committee if they feel team sideline is out of control.

Equipment: No Jewelry…Hard casts are not allowed in tournament. Soft casts that are padded and the referee considers them safe are permitted…Mandatory that all players wear shin guards…No alcohol permitted at the tournament……No smoking…No animals (Dogs)

Cautions & Ejection’s:  A player or coach receiving two (2) yellow cards in a single game is considered to have received an ejection (red card). Ejected players or coaches may not be replaced in the current game and shall serve a minimum of one game suspension at their next game played. For flagrant violations, longer suspension  or additional disciplinary action may be enforced based on mandatory review of the Tournament Director. The tournament director will hold ID cards of the player or coach until suspensions are served. Suspended coaches cannot be on the same sideline as the team with no communication of any manner. Players may sit with the team but may not be in uniform. Suspended Coaches must be “Out of Sight & Sound of the Field”.  PLEASE NOTE, UNDER FIFA and US CLUB TOURNAMENT Sanctioning Rules, Red Cards can NOT be appealed.  All sending offs are a mandatory 1 game suspension.  If a player or coach is suspended beyond 1 match, that ban may be appealed.  The one game suspension is mandatory and may not be appealed. No points are deducted for sending offs, coach or player.

Suspended Games: If, in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated due to misconduct of players, bench or spectators, the offending team could be suspended from further play and forfeit all points and position previously earned. Additionally, the home league and state association will be contacted as appropriate.

Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions allowed in all ages group. However, teams may substitute only with the referee’s permission. Substitutes must wait on the sideline (off of the field of play) until the field player has left the field of play and/or the referee has indicated the substitute may enter the field of play. Substitutions are allowed only at the following times (including over-times):

Substitutions by either Team are allowed at any stoppage of play with the permission of the referee. Referees will be instructed not to allow substitutions that are deemed “excessive” or of a “time wasting” nature.  Please be respectful of the integrity of the game and do not use the free substitution rules as a means to disrupt the match.

Injury:  In the spirit of the game, all attempts to play injury time will be made. Delays of the match due to injury (or other stoppages) will result in appropriate time being added to the full game time, based on the judgment of the referee.

Home Team: The home team appears first on the match schedule. The Home Team will supply game ball, (only if tournament ball is unavailable). The match ball is subject to referee approval.

Away Team:  The away team will be required to switch to an alternate jersey, if the referee declares color conflict.

Side Lines: Both teams and coaches will be on the same sideline directed by the field marshal or referee unless otherwise notified. All spectators will be on the opposite sideline.

Forfeitures & Byes: Games not played will be classified as “Forfeits & Byes”. Teams failing to report ready to play within Five (5) minutes of scheduled kick-off time forfeit that game. All teams who Forfeit will have the game scored 0-3 loss. The winner will be awarded maximum tournament points for a win (3 for 3-0 the win). A team needs 5 players for a 9U-11U match, 7 players for a 12U match for the game to get started. Teams taking actions which cause the game to be terminated will forfeit.

Disputes:  Tournament Committee will handle all disputes that are non-referee decisions and make all final decisions.

Decisions by referees may not be appealed and any decision on a dispute will be final and may not be appealed.

Playing Times:  Play will be based on halves as specified below:

U9-U12 25 minute halves, 50 minutes full

Games decided in overtime will not be “golden goal.”  Full amount of time plus injury time will be played.  If match is still tied, game will be decided by penalty kicks.  Over time games will only be played for ”FINAL” games only (Two 5 minute periods).  Placement (consolation) matches will go straight to “kicks from the mark” to determine a winner

All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of  games.A match is “complete” upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at termination.

Half-time: Half-time will be exactly five (5) minutes. Please help officials with this request.

Tournament Points System:

3 Points For each Win

1 Points for each draw

0 Points for a loss

(points are not deducted for red cards)

Score Reporting: Scores after each game will be reported by the referees reporting the scores to the Field Marshall.  If score is misprinted on internet or “board” please contact field marshal ASAP.

Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined as follows:

1. The winner of head to head competition.

2. Goal Differential (there is no limit on goal difference)

3. Goals For (there is no limit on goals scored)

4. Goals Against

5. Most Wins

6. Penalty Shoot Out

Tie Breakers:  (if 3 or more teams are tied)  If more than two teams are involved in a tie, tie breaker number 2 will be used first to rank the teams (unless one team has beaten the other 2 teams or 2 teams have beaten one team), only applicable in a “crossover” format). If teams are still tied, tie breaker number 3 will be used to rank the teams, if still tied, tiebreaker #4 will be used, if still tied, tiebreaker #5 will be used, if still tied, tie breakers will be begin at #1 (head to head) and then work their way down to #6.   If more than two teams are still tied after tie breaker number 5, a coin toss will be held with the odd team sitting out.  The other two teams will then take kicks from the mark to establish a winner.  The winner of this will then play the team sitting out. (kicks from the mark). The winner will advance.  When all teams will advance to the playoff rounds a coin toss, as sequenced above, will decide the team’s seed in lieu of kicks from the mark

Example #1.  Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other.  Team A has a goal differential of +6, Team B is +4 and Team C is +3.  Team A is 1st, Team B is 2nd and Team C is 3rd.

Example #2.  Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other.  Team A has a goal differential of +6, Team B is +4 and Team C is +4.  Team A is 1st.  Team B has scored 4 goals and Team C has scored 3 goals.  Team B is 2nd and Team C is 3rd based on Tie Breaker #3 (Goals For)

Example #3 (Cross over bracket)  Three teams each have 6 points, Team “A” had beaten Team “B” and Team “C” who are on the other side of the bracket.  Even though Team “B” and Team “C” each have a better GD, Team “A” advances due to the head to head tie breaker.

Acts of God: Rain or other weather conditions during the tournament shall not delay play unless the referee determines the field to be unsafe for play. In the event of such a delay or postponement games will be rescheduled if at all possible. If games cannot be rescheduled or played due to rain, weather, or other Acts of God there will be no refund of fees.